Responsible Gaming 

Responsible Gaming is a concept that gaming operators, software suppliers and associated service providers need to ensure their offerings uphold the highest standards of fair and safe gaming experience that protects players from the adverse consequences of gaming. We acknowledge the same and undertake fair and safe play.

We highly discourage internet addiction and advise any sufferer of the condition to seek professional help. Our support staff can answer your queries regarding the same. And only when you have the time to spare we encourage you to tune in to tournaments in the run up for exciting prizes and promotions. You are also requested to be considerate of other players and their safety. We have a chat function but irresponsible gamers will be dealt strictly with.


While we are promoters of leisure activities, our skill based games can only be mastered with consistent study of theory in practice, the failure of which will lead to accumulation of losses. Skilled Gaming is a fun pastime and not means to generate a steady income source and neither should it be considered an easy avenue of making quick money.

We encourage you to get in touch with us for any assistance you may require based on the following case scenarios:
1.    If you feel you are spending too much time & money on our gaming platform
2.    Validation of time & money spent with us
3.    Online account history
4.    Self-exclusion
5.    Information privacy
6.    Online payment protection

We pledge to assist at risk players via guidance on responsible gaming and risk identification. We have a dedicated team of support staff who help players in overcoming their gaming addiction by advising them on various factors and where to get professional help within their local area. Here’s what we advise as help in the most obvious case scenario:

- Use our skilled gaming platform only for entertainment and with money that you can afford to lose.
- Complete your daily tasks before deciding to play with us so that you have a stable frame of mind.
- Decide the timeframe you are comfortable with to be spending on online skilled gaming with us.
- Kindly play games as per levels of comfort and never on a hunch or winning streaks.
- Decide the amount of money you can spend without the same taking a toll on your day to day activities.

- Never bet everything on a single stake.
- Do not take loans to play with us, as that is bad in theory and practice. We highly discourage the same.
- Do not be moody about the turn of events or attempt playing when in a negative state of mind as you can go into tilt mode.
- Do not start gaming when you have other tasks at hand.
- Don’t get into a habit of chasing losses in the hope of breaking even eventually.


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